Hi, I'm Kim!

I have so much love for Brooklyn. Growing up in Bed Stuy, my community didn’t have much in terms of resources, but we always had each other's backs. Time and again, I’ve seen our communities in Brooklyn come together under a common cause to look out for each other when the government ignored our struggles.

As a kid, our neighbors provided each other with food when government food aid didn't come through. I’ve worked with mutual aid groups who fed people during the COVID pandemic when the government turned their backs on them. After St. Mary’s Hospital closed, I worked with the community to set up a health clinic to fill the gap.

This is the kind of experience I'm going to bring to Borough Hall. As Borough President, I'll dedicate myself to leveling the playing field for all of Brooklyn by redefining what the Borough President does.

Here’s how:



I’ve seen a wealth of resources go to waste because people either don’t know they exist, don’t know they qualify, or they are too hard to navigate. 


As Borough President, I’ll create a one-stop-shop to help people take advantage of all the programs that city, state, and federal government have to offer. I'll create a dedicated Small Business Resource Center to help our small businesses get back on their feet. I'll help people with navigating the public school system, applying for government services, and buying -- and staying in -- their homes. I’ll also send a Mobile Borough Hall to communities across Brooklyn to bring these resources to every neighborhood.


More than that, I'm interested in helping people improve their financial literacy by providing all the needed information on how to get a payday loan in another state, borrow responsibly, consolidate debt, and create an emergency fund to overcome hard times.


We’ve had enough pageantry and politicking in Borough Hall. I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.



Government doesn’t allocate resources fairly. Whether it’s school funding, transportation, healthcare, or anything else, we know who gets left behind. 


As Borough President, I’ll track, map, and publicize where the government spends our money to show the inequities. I’ll identify investments that level the playing field and deploy Borough Hall’s considerable financial resources to fund them. 


Borough Hall will arm community activists and organizations with data so we can hold the government accountable for decades of neglect.




The best solutions to our problems come from the people working on the ground to make our communities better.  As Borough President, I’ll push for governance from the ground up where the government has let us down. 


I will support the community organizations who are doing the work that the government has failed to do. We need to put an end to trickle-down governance, and embrace leadership from the bottom up.

Yours truly,